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Imagine yourself standing to speak in front of an audience. More than two things are involved.

You could stand out like Obiagbon or stand out like the Queen…choose your stand out.
You can grab attention like Madam Goodluck or hold a crowd like Michelle Obama.

Speaking is influence!

1. You could be so articulate that people are wowed about your intelligence. You may not even be that intelligent but being eloquent makes you appear so. Yes!

2. You could speak and you sound so boring and flat because you have no clue about how to give a compelling speech or maybe you are even talking all the while as against speaking. Oh, there’s a world of difference.
You could speak and the joke is on you because of how you are mispronouncing many words. You leave people wondering about how you missed the memo of how words are pronounced in your civilisation.
Maybe you even have the ‘h’ factor. Ouch!
These have a way of questioning your credibility.

3. OK, I know you are already a fluent speaker. It’s time to tick the box of Eloquence. It’s time for an upgrade from Fluency to Eloquence. Let’s help you complete that cycle of excellence you’ve been aiming. You can’t afford to leave anything undone.
See, there’s a way to speak so that others are compelled to listen.
Let’s help you go for gold!

Eloquence isn’t about changing your accent or sounding alien. It is Social Intelligibility; the ability to be heard clearly and distinctively irrespective of the nationality of your audience. We are here to break that barrier of excellent communication skills. We are here for you!

At Quints, we offer distinct, engaging and effective DICTION, PUBLIC SPEAKING and SOCIAL POLISH coaching to clients across the globe.

These video online courses are crafted just for you!

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