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The Eloquent Teacher

You can become The Eloquent Teacher or just another Teacher.

The Eloquent Teacher is succinct in Speech, distinct in Pronunciation and Speaks while teaching rather than Talk. They aren’t faking an accent or sounding cosmetic, but they understand the science behind sounding so good.

They are particular about the Eloquence of their learners and lead by example. Their learners can easily be distinguished as they know what it means to speak right. The Eloquent Teacher embodies finesse and knows just how to pass it on. The Eloquent Teacher is by default a Leading Teacher. They are loved, chosen to lead, the voice of others and too valuable to lose.

They are building capacity and just preparing themselves to climb to the very highest echelon of their career. Though The Eloquent Teacher may not earn much yet, they understand the price to pay to earn better and become highly sought-after.

This coaching is highly subsidised. The value you get is worth much more. There’s a discount for group registration.

Courses will be taken primarily on our learning platform where you take classes at your own pace and time, but there will be weekly Zoom calls to answer questions and for practices. All sessions will be recorded and shared.

Pay to 0216123891 GTB and register thereafter via

Reach out on Whatsapp 07051879323 after payment.

Make your payment to:

Quints Communications

Thereafter, click the registration link to register. Make sure you make the payment before registering.

After registering, send a proof of payment to 07051879323 on Whatsapp. For further questions or clarifications, you may also send Whatsapp messages to the number.