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Exclusive Coaching for Public Figures

This is an Exclusive Executive Coaching for Public Figures. The course is specially crafted to meet peculiar needs.

A Speech Assessment is first done before getting to work.

This course prepares you to speak Eloquently and confidently in public, it polishes you and refines you to live that life of influence.

If in Lagos, we can have physical contacts to consolidate learnings but if outside Lagos, online course is as well 100% effective.

Call or let’s have a conversation on Whatsapp 07051879323 to commence your journey.

Make your payment to:

Quints Communications

Thereafter, click the registration link to register. Make sure you make the payment before registering.

After registering, send a proof of payment to 07051879323 on Whatsapp. For further questions or clarifications, you may also send Whatsapp messages to the number.