Coaching for Young and Aspiring Elocutionist

Coaching for Young and Aspiring Elocutionist

Are you a young Elocutionist or you are aspiring to be one? This is a FastTrack for you!

Have you admired me for a long time and would want to learn how I do the things I do?

This is my personal inner circle and it’s so dear to my heart. I want to coach and mentor high-flying Elocutionists who are ready to scale the wall and become a higher version of themselves.

We’ll be brutal with execution and you’ll never be described as average ever again. Mediocrity will be challenged and people will wonder where you got the new fire, vigour and zeal from.

We’ll cover the technicalities of being an Elocutionist, the business side of it and how to increase your influence in same regard!

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Please note that this Coaching session is not free but I’m actually offering 10% of its worth as I consider this a give-back.