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Personalised Executive Coaching

This is for that CEO, professional or business executive who wants to upgrade their speaking prowess.

Each learner will first undergo a thorough Diction and Public Speaking Assessment to ascertain peculiar needs and areas of improvements after which a personalised solution will be tailored in that regard.

This is a specialised coaching for individuals who are desperate to transform their pronunciation and public speaking skills for good!

It is strictly for those who are ready to put in the work and be drilled to the maximum.

Assignments must be done and turned in as when due. Presentations must be thoroughly prepared for and delivered. Efforts must be tangible. Failure to do this will result in discontinuation of the coaching session and there won’t be any refund.

This is not for everyone. Requirements for enrollment are desperation, grit, perseverance, passion and sufficient WILL to put in the work it takes to get the desired result.

Classes will hold via our learning platform and Zoom.

Our hours are always filled up, please call to confirm if we have available slots before you make payment for this.

This course is one way to be kind to yourself. See you in class whenever you are ready to commence your Elocution journey.

Pay the sum on the flyer, register and send proof of payment via WhatsApp (0705 187 9323).

Make your payment to:

Quints Communications

Thereafter, click the registration link to register. Make sure you make the payment before registering.

After registering, send a proof of payment to 07051879323 on Whatsapp. For further questions or clarifications, you may also send Whatsapp messages to the number.