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Youngsters Diction and Public Speaking Club

For one full month, we’ll be engaging your children online, giving them the leverage of eloquence.

We’ll be sharing loads of resources with them. We’ll also engage them live on Zoom, instructing and teaching them vital life skills and eloquence.

Topics will range from Elocution/Diction, Public Speaking, Enunciation in Acting/Drama, Everything Etiquette, Fine Dining Etiquette, Poise for girls and boys, Emotional Intelligence.

They’ll make presentations and emerge refined and more confident.

They’ll challenge you to speak better. They will raise the bar even for you, we promise.
We’ve worked with children for years and we consult for top schools in the country. We know just what to do and how to excellently deliver on our promise.

10,000 naira is the subscription.

Send a message via WhatsApp to 07051879323 after making payment.

Let’s work with you in giving your children the leverage they need in life.

If this is what you want for your child(ren), kindly make a transfer of 10,000 naira to:

Quints Communications

Thereafter, click the registration link to register. Make sure you make the payment before registering.

After registering, send a proof of payment to 07051879323 on Whatsapp. For further questions or clarifications, you may also send Whatsapp messages to the number.