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School Consultancy

School Consultancy

We work with top-notch primary and secondary schools. We train teachers/instructors and offer classroom teaching on Phonics, Phonetics, Social Polish/Etiquette and Life Skills.

Diction and Elocution: Students and pupils will be taught holistic phonics or phonetics which will be useful for them through life. They will learn all the English sounds and symbols to enable them speak impeccable English Language

Public Speaking Club: This club will be an offshoot of the Diction and Elocution class. Students will be challenged to read and study Great Speeches ever made while learning the arts of public speaking. They will frequently prepare and make speech presentations. This will help them develop the communications skills needed in everyday living.

Etiquette and Social Graces: The top etiquette skills students need to know are appropriate and inappropriate behavior in public, respect for self and others, proper introduction skills, how to handle conflicts, basic table manners/fine dining etiquette and telephone etiquettes. These skills will be taught by simple role-play exercises on respect and handling conflict, interactive interface learning and fine-dining etiquette.

Train the Trainers: The best way to teach students is by example. For a wider impact, teachers have been factored into our training package. We train teachers, and other staff members on Diction periodically so they will be able to reinforce what students have learnt.