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On-site Elocution Masterclass

You can be ‘fluent’ and not eloquent. I thought I spoke English language so well until I attended my first elocution training over a decade ago.

Little and simple things give you away if you have not attended an elocution lesson. Every day, I hear lazy articulation and enunciation of words. Many of us are generally too lazy to properly pronounce our words. Many professionals talk instead of speaking even when making formal presentations.
What does it mean to be eloquent?
How do I speak with power? What are the general speaking tips?

How do I overcome timidity and become a confident person? How do I pronounce my words better? What is the difference between speaking and talking? How do I get people to buy into me? How do I achieve social intelligibility? How can I be heard clearly even when I’m outside the country? How do I overcome anxiety in public speaking? What exactly is Social Polish? How do I act polished? What Social skills do I need as a professional or entrepreneur?
Find answers to all these questions in this Masterclass. While lunch is served, we’ll learn the European and American style of Fine-dining Etiquette.

Prepare to become a better version of yourself. One day of new knowledge is more priceless than 30 years of sheer ignorance. I promise a full refund if you don’t get value.

Pay the sum on the flyer to Quints, Gtbank 0216123891. Thereafter, register.

Send proof of payment on Whatsapp to 07051879323.

Check the flyer for more details.

See you in class.

Make your payment to:

Quints Communications

Thereafter, click the registration link to register. Make sure you make the payment before registering.

After registering, send a proof of payment to 07051879323 on Whatsapp. For further questions or clarifications, you may also send Whatsapp messages to the number.