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It happened again!

The agenda was to sign a contract for consultation on Diction and Social Polish!

Here’s the conversation…

Quints: OK, before we go ahead, I would like to let you know that training your teachers is the first thing we do.

School XYZ: No please. Don’t bother about that. Just come every week to teach the pupils yourself and we don’t even want the teachers in class while you do this. (I couldn’t believe that last line)

Quints: We come once or twice a week to spend a few hours, your teachers are with them for a minimum of 7 hours a day and 5 days a week. Our efforts will be wasted. And our goal is not to be with you forever, we will train your teachers to a point of independence where you don’t need our services any longer.

School XYZ: Never mind. We are not interested. They will leave after we have invested in them. These teachers are not reliable… (We have heard this over and over again)

Quints: We are doing this for free. Don’t bother about payment if that’s why you are insisting. We just want the best for the school.

School XYZ: Seriously, never mind. They will be fine.

Quints: They won’t be fine. And if you insist, we can’t take up this role. Our efforts will be frustrated…

Schools XYZ: Why are you insisting on this. Do you have anything to gain from that?

Quints: Yes. Your pupils will be better for it. And this is all about them…

School XYZ: Okay. When should we schedule the training? But where are we going to get the 3 days from? School is in session and …

Quints: …….(Let me spare you the details)

This happens over and over again. And I’m wondering, why do schools owners do this?!

Save for a few schools who go all out to hire professionals for the holistic training and development of their instructors, a whole lot do not even want to hear of it.

Remember, “If you train them, they may leave. What if you don’t, and they stay?”