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Though, it can as well be found among other tribes.

It simply means adding the sound ‘h” to a word where it doesn’t exist. For example, adding ‘h’ at the beginning of words like egg, apple, onions, only, eyes, air, and, envelope; just to mention a few. This is called affectation.

You also have the ‘h’ factor if you remove it where it exists. This is called de-affectation. For example, removing the letter ‘h’ from house, hospital, hammer, heaven, holy just to mention a few, is as bad as adding it where it doesn’t exist. The resultant effect is that those words will sound as ouse, ospital, ammer, eaven, oly. You will agree with me that such words don’t exist, right?

A number of people have been told they have the ‘h’ factor and they’ve been wondering what it means. Hope you now know?

No matter how well spoken you are, this speech challenge can taint your speaking prowess.

Having the ‘h’ factor is a ‘taboo’ in the broadcast parlance. Nobody will put you on air if you have it. So, if you ever want to work in a broadcast media house, you need to take this seriously.

I have met many educators with this challenge and sadly, they are passing it on to their pupils. I’ve heard many teachers say ‘a’ for ‘happle’… Sadly so, but true.

It can be very distracting and annoying to people whose ears are tuned to it. It is a total turn-off.

In some people, this speech defect is dominant, while in some it isn’t.

Either way, it is a challenge you can and must surmount.

Someone is asking, ‘how do I surmount it?’

1. Watch out for words that begin with the vowel sounds. Vowel sounds are a, e, i, o, u. Letter ‘h’ attracts words that begin with the vowel, so you need to hesitate before sounding those words.

2. Reduce your volume when you are about to hit on those words that begin with the vowel sounds.

3. The letter ‘h’ is produced while you exhale. So, most importantly, ensure you hold your breath before you sound those words that begin with vowel sounds. If you don’t exhale, the production of your vowel sounds will be pure.

4. Compile lots of words that begin with the vowel sounds and practice with them. You will make mistakes, it will take time as there are no magic bullets; but it is definitely doable.

You should practice with these words

”Our hot air hostess handed us hot oats, as she had in her hand our air fare.”

“You don’t ear with your hears”

“I want to eat an apple”

“I like eggs with onions”
5. Let’s work with you on this. We have coached many people who have overcome this challenge, yours cannot be different.

Give us a call on 07051879323 and let’s begin the journey to eloquence!