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Are you aware that you should never drink to yourself if a toast is proposed in your honour? You should not even raise your glass or take a drink until everyone has taken a drink and put their glasses down on the table.
This masterclass centres on elocution and “everything etiquette”; that’s what Social Polish is all about.
I attended a buffet recently and I was embarrassed at the ignorance of friends around my table. A number of them ate desserts first. If you are invited to a lavish dinner, what do you eat first? Do you know the options of starters, main dishes or desserts? Which cutlery do you use for each? How do you handle them?
While teaching you fine dining etiquette, we will be treating you to a 3-course exquisite meal.
This training is a one-stop avenue to learn all there is about Social Polish.
On Diction, rightly or wrongly, the way that you speak is one of the first things people notice about you. People will judge your background, education and social standing just by the way you speak.
Good pronunciation doesn’t mean we all have to speak like the Queen of England, but a lot of things give you away if you have never taken a course on elocution.
Elocution is about putting the right emphasis and nuance into what you are saying. Even kids born and bred in the UK take diction lessons. Remind me of your excuses again.
Poor diction, otherwise known as lazy speech can hold us back in life.
Have you ever been told you have the “h” factor? We’ve got you covered. Let’s help you through that challenge and other communication challenges you might have.
First impressions are based not just on the way we look but the way we speak.
We may have all the qualifications on paper, but if we don’t speak crisply, we immediately lose credibility.
My co-trainer this time is one of Nigeria’s finest broadcasters, Bukola Coker Samuel Wemimo. During my early years as a broadcaster with DBN Television, Myself and Temitope Idowu always had one or two new words to learn from her newscasts or reportage.
Come learn from the best!
This training is worth much more than we are offering. We struggled to leave the early birds fee at 10,000 naira. It is ridiculously subsidised compared to the value. Our desire is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be polished.
Date: Saturday, November 25
Venue: Pattaya Oriental, 30 Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos
Time: 10-6pm
Early birds on or before Nov. 21(10,000)
Late Reg (15,000)
Pay to Quints Communications
GtBank 0216123891
Thereafter, register at
Call 07051879323 for further details.
Speak right. Get Polished. Be Professional!