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Become a certified Diction Coach

Become a certified Diction and Montessori Phonics Coach.

Teach English Phonetics and 
Phonics Like a Pro.

Dearest Educator,

There are lots of possibilities you carry which you’ll never birth except you step out of your comfort zone. We’ve trained over a thousand Educators and Diction Coaches; helping them launch into a higher version of themselves.

You can deliver a lot more as an Educator. You can be phenomenal.
Here’s our invitation to get you started on becoming more.

Bukola trained with us. She was a classroom teacher earning a meagre salary. Today, she consults for a number of schools on Elocution. She’s smiling to the bank.

Precious loves being a classroom teacher. That’s purpose to her. But she wanted to be more valuable, she trained with us and today, the whole school defers to her when it comes to Pronunciation of words. Her learners are impeccable.

Adeola’s passion lies in literacy. She just wants to help children who are struggling with reading. She doesn’t work with any school. Her focus is on after-school home lessons on Phonics. She does this in many homes around Surulere and environs. She guarantees parents to give her just 8 weeks and watch their children decode words and read excellently. She produces results.

Chidinma was a Corps member. She knew she had a thing for education but she couldn’t place it. She attended training and she knew she had to specialise in Elocution. Today, she’s happy she made that decision.

Mrs. Williams is a school owner. She was curious about Elocution. She wondered why many Diction Coaches who had consulted for her in the past teach different things and confuse her learners. After training with us, she said to me, ‘Miss Lawal, now I speak in the right diction! Now I can tell the true Elocutionists…’

Pastor Daniel is a clergy. He’s not an educator, he just wanted to learn Elocution. He was happy he did.

Joy is a Diction Coach. She came to class to know more. She was astonished at all she didn’t know and the errors she’s been transmitting.

Mrs. Ojo is a full time mum. She came to class to help her children speak and read better. Last week, she shared with me her vision to open a pre-school.

These are just few stories of those Quints has happened to. We convert mumblers into clear and distinct speakers of English Language. We make you see the possibilities you are capable of. We help you see outside the box.

We have only 20 slots available for this batch as we want to work with you all personally.

Make your payment and register.

Tuition is 80k but you get to pay 50k if you pay before April 1st.
Payment covers tuition, teabreak, lunch, pronouncing dictionary, Diction Textbook, writing tools and other course material.

I’m Ayanfeoluwa Wole-Ojo. This is passion, purpose and calling all rolled into one. I am excellent at what I do. At Quints, we consult for top schools across states. I personally have worked with children for years and I know all you go through in the classroom.