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This training is specially crafted for educators whose dreams are really big.

I visited a school and a teacher was teaching the sounds in the government approved Nigeria Primary English Textbook, I was alarmed. Errors were being passed down with such confidence. I hope this doesn’t happen in your school?


New educators are emerging with specialised skills.

Don’t be left behind.

This workshop is designed for English, Diction and Phonics tutors who desire depth in their craft. It’s time to stop teaching pupils fake and wrongly modulated accent. Come learn what it really means to teach elocution.

School owners, it is time to stop engaging semi-literate diction instructors who hide their poor grammar inside a “gonnawanna” accent . Come learn what to watch out for when recruiting one.

We have trained hundreds of educators who have become trainers themselves.

Tag a youth, IT student, corps member or fresh graduate who speaks English Language above average and is passionate about teaching. Help them build a career in teaching diction and Phonics professionally.

Tag a parent who wants to understand phonics sounds; who wants to teach the kids what it means to speak fluently and read early.

This course features:

Sounds of English Language
Elocution/Diction Drill
Word Stress
Accent Naturalisation
Montessori Phonics
Jolly Phonics
Blending, Reading and Spelling Skills.

Date: December 18-21 and January 6(For exam, presentations and certification)

Investment 50, 000 | Early bird 30, 000 ( on or before Dec. 15)

Discount for group registration is available.

These 5 days are capable of changing your life forever.

Internship opportunity of 1-3 months is available for those who so desire.

Training covers:

Substantial Course Handouts
Cambridge Pronouncing English Dictionary with CD(18th edition)

Please, check flyer for further details.

Pay to Quints Communication.
GtBank 0216123891

Thereafter, register here

Call 07051879323