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Knowledge Upgrade for Seasoned Elocutionists

If you are an Elocutionist and you can’t explain in detail ”The nucleus and Intonation Phrase”, that means you cannot teach your learners how to speak the English language using the correct intonation. Without the knowledge of The Nucleus, I doubt if you also speak with the correct intonation and stress.

This 4-hours advanced video course teaches some of my gleanings at the phonetics course I took at The University College, London. It teaches updates of speech sounds, deeper things you need to know about vowel sounds and features of Connected Speech among other things.

This knowledge cost me hundreds of thousands of naira. You will agree it is a sell-off. Do not buy this course if you are not a grounded Elocutionist. This is an advanced course and you will not understand. Start with The Business of Elocution (QIC) course if you are a young Elocutionist. This upgrade course is part of what you will learn in QIC.

Call or send me a message on WhatsApp to buy this course. (07051879323)