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We transform Nervous Speakers into Confident Speakers and Mumblers into clear, interesting speakers.

Everybody Talks but only few people speak rightly.

We wrote The Diction Book to address the problem of elocution


What our Clients are saying

Ayanfeoluwa helped me fall in love with the nightmare of Diction and Pronunciation. You think you speak and pronounce words correctly right? Let the Coach blow your mind and set you on the right track.

Jeremiah Davou, Results Coach/ Performances Consultant, InnocentMINDS Team Member

Ayanfe’s training on Diction and Social Polish makes you a powerful and influential PUBLIC SPEAKER.
My oratory ability changed tremendously after that class and I can communicate effectively ANYTIME AND EVERYWHERE.

Oluwatoyosi Olatokun, CEO, Perky Kids

Ayanfe Lawal is your go to person where Diction, Personal Development and Etiquette is concerned. She delivers with skills and eloquence and poise when speaking English. Her confidence is unique and mind-blowing, the kind you need to enhance your SPEAKING RIGHT.

Florence Adeoya, Fashion Entrepreneur

Ayanfeoluwa Lawal is the best Diction teacher I have ever met. The creativity and ingenuity she has brought into Diction and Phonetics is laudable. Our school has derived so much value by her training. She is one of our greatest assets.

Mrs. Ayodele Ibojiemenmen, COO, Phostine Premium Schools

Speak right. Get polished. Be professional.

We’re here to partner with you to achieve eloquence and finesse.